Schedule of Fees – Domestic

Schedule of Fees and payment terms

For domestic students in an Accredited National Training Product

1 – AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)

2 – AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

3 – Payment terms

This document only relates to your tuition fees. The student will encounter other (incidental) costs related to your study such as: food, entertainment, medical certificates, police checks, remedial training, rent etc. These are summarised under Appendix A of this form but is not included as part of your Schedule of Fees or your Fees agreement.

The fees calculated are based on the student completing the course/s in the timeframe specified and meeting all competencies according to the delivery schedule. Remedial training or re-sitting exams will incur additional costs. Incidentals are generally paid to third-party organisations and are not refundable.

Payment options: Payment can be made via credit card, bank deposit or cash. Please refer to your invoice or the ‘Next Steps’ section in your enrolment confirmation pack for details.

3.1 – Deposit

3.1.1 – AIAC do not charge an Application fee.
3.1.2 – To secure your place in our program a Course Deposit of $1,500 is payable 21 days prior to course commencement date.
3.1.3 – Course deposit is Non-Refundable and is used to source your study resources, pilot equipment and secure your place.
3.1.4 – The course deposit is part of your total tuition fees.
3.1.5 – Failure to pay the deposit by the due date may see your enrolment cancelled.

3.2 – Tuition Fees

3.2.1 – AIAC is not approved under the Governments VET Student Help Loan scheme. All fees must be paid for by the student.
3.2.2 – All tuition fees are exclusive of GST.
3.2.3 – Tuition fees are paid at the end of your training week as per below details. An invoice will be issued at the end of each week and must be settled by Sunday 3pm to commence training on Monday. Schedule for AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)

  • Phase 1 = 9 weekly payments of $999.48
  • Phase 2 = 5 weekly payments of $1425.65
  • Phase 3 = 6 weekly payments of $1366.25
  • Phase 4 = 5 weekly payments of $2959.74
  • Phase 5 = 5 weekly payments of $4790.93
  • Phase 6 = 7 weekly payments of $3596.51 Schedule for AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

  • Phase 1 = 9 weekly payments of $1001.79
  • Phase 2 = 6 weekly payments of $4038.99

3.2.4 – Fees not received on or before the due date will cause AIAC to ‘stop training’. The student will not be able to incur further costs until the fees are paid. This may threaten the ability of the student to complete the course within the specified study period.
3.2.5 – Where fees are not paid on time, a late payment fee of $150 will be applied to your invoice to cover administration costs.
3.2.6 – Tuition fees include 1 (one) attempt at each flight test or CASA exam.
3.2.7 – Where a student chooses to defer his/her studies, all accounts must be settled prior to commencement of training.
3.2.8 – Currently, AIAC cannot accept any pre-paid fees over $1,500.

3.3 – Tuition fee inclusions

3.3.1 – The following is included in your tuition fee.

    • Aircraft/FTD hire as set out above.
    • CPL Subjects
    • One attempt at all CASA Exams
    • Multiple attempts at AIAC in-house exams
    • One attempt at all flight tests
    • Student resources, textbooks and printing
    • Pilot bag & equipment
    • Internet access at all locations
    • Briefings and all ground theory
    • Landing fees & airport charges
3.4 – Tuition fee exclusions

3.4.1 – Tuition fees do not include the following, or any item listed in Appendix A.

    • Remedial flight training where the student requires more than the minimum flight hours set out above.
    • Additional flight tests
    • Re-sitting any CASA exam
    • Uniforms
    • Transport to AIAC
    • Meals
    • Any CASA applications for licenses, ratings or medicals
    • ASIC application and Police Checks

3.4.2 – Any additional charges incurred by the cadet in the course of training is to be settled in the final account reconciliation upon course completion. Payment is required before AIAC can issue any Certificate, Licence or Rating.
3.4.3 – Incidental costs paid to AIAC are non-refundable.
3.4.4 – Incidental costs paid to third-parties may or may not be refundable. Check with the provider for their refund policy.

3.5 – Recognition of Prior Learning/Credit Transfer

3.5.1 – The RPL/CT fee is $3000 and non-refundable.
3.5.2 – RPL/CT applications will only be accepted at the time of enrolment.
3.5.3 – The RPL/CT fee includes a thorough assessment of your previous skills and knowledge, a Basic Aeronautical Knowledge exam, Aircraft familiarisation & quiz, an interview with our HOO and a flight test in an appropriate aircraft.

3.6 – Payment Schedule

3.6.1. Unless otherwise noted in your enrolment confirmation letter, fees are paid as a total of both diploma courses.
3.6.2. The total AVI50222 & AVI50519 combined tuition fees are $124,500 ex GST.
3.6.3. The payment schedule is: – AVI50222: $1,500 course deposit due 21 days prior to course commencement – AVI50222 Phases 1 – 6 remaining fees are post-paid at the end of your training week as per clause 3.2.3. – Fees not paid for by Sunday 3pm will cause AIAC to stop training – Late payments will incur a $150 administration fee. – Other suitable arrangements may be made. These must be in writing and signed by the student and an AIAC manager. – All fees must be up to date prior to any Flight Test (RPL, Progress check 1&2, and CPL tests). – AVI50519: $1,500 course deposit due 7 days prior to AVI50519 commencement. – AVI50519 Phases 1 & 2 remaining fees are post-paid at the end of your training week as per clause 3.2.3. – Fees not paid for by Sunday 3pm will cause AIAC to stop training – Late payments will incur a $150 administration fee. – Other suitable arrangements may be made. These must be in writing and signed by the student and an AIAC manager. – All tuition fees to be paid prior to IR/MEA flight test.

3.6.4 – Any outstanding fees for remedial flight training to be paid prior to graduation and issue of licences.

3.7 – Cancellation of enrolment

3.7.1 – Students may cancel their enrolment without any time prior to the deposit being made.
3.7.2 – If a student cancels their enrolment after the deposit has been made, the deposit is forfeited.
3.7.3 – Course deposit & RPL/Credit transfer fees, and any payments made to third parties will not be refundable.

3.8 – Changes to Fees

AIAC flight training is affected by a number of external influences which could cause possible fee fluctuations. For example, external factors such as fuel and government fees and charges could affect the cost of training. AIAC reserves the right to pass on fee increases where external factors affect the agreed upon cost of training. The student will be notified in writing 20 working days before any adjustments in fees will be implemented.

3.9 – Cooling off Period

Generally, does not apply to education. A student may cancel enrolment without penalty before the course deposit has been paid. Once the deposit has been paid, no refunds will be issued.

3.10 – Additional Information

If the student requires excessive additional flight hours to complete training, his or her training may be stopped and the student will be deemed as not competent. The student may have to re-enrol in the course to continue studying. In this case, Recognition of Prior Learning may apply for any units of competencies that the student has previously shown to meet AIAC assessment standards. Course cancellation, re-enrolment and RPL will be assessed by the Head of Operations in consultation with the involved flight instructors and the student. Failure to be able to meet competencies is a safety issue and the student may need to undertake further self-study before re-enrolling at AIAC. The student will be able to access our Complaints & Appeals policy if desired.

3.11 – Refund Policy

Please visit or email for a copy of our refund policy.

3.12 – Complaints and Appeals

Please email for a copy of our complaints and appeals policy.

Appendix A: Incidental Costs

The following gives you an idea of other costs involved in your training. The below are estimates. Whilst we aim to provide you with current and accurate information, AIAC accepts no responsibility for third-party pricing and changes that may have been introduced since publication of this document. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm any pricing from sources outside of AIAC. Some of these fees you may have already paid. If enrolling in the dual diploma, some costs will only need to be paid once, such as you ARN, ASIC, application fee etc. Most incidental costs are paid at the time of receiving a service and are therefore likely to be non-refundable. Check with the provider for more information. All AIAC incidental costs (i.e. paid to AIAC) are non-refundable.

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